Giant Oak and Consilient Founder and CEO Gary Shiffman Presents to Technology Industry Leaders at the Future of AI Conference

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Shiffman argues the future of AI is collaboration and privacy preservation through machine learning and artificial intelligence

ARLINGTON, Va. – Today, Giant Oak, Inc. and Consilient Founder and CEO Gary M. Shiffman, Ph.D., presented a vision for the value of AI and Machine Learning at the 2021 Future of AI Conference. The conference, normally based in Israel, was conducted virtually and included presentations from AI and data professionals from around the world. During his address, Dr. Shiffman suggested that artificial intelligence revolutionizes the world by allowing collaboration while preserving privacy.

“The promise and the future of AI, which is here today, is a future of collaboration that prioritizes and preserves privacy,” said Shiffman in his showcase, Using AI and Machine Learning to Detect Financial Crime. “The idea here is that by collaborating across law enforcement agencies, across government spaces, and across financial institutions, communities are able to identify bad actors that otherwise had not been identified previously. Artificial intelligence is great; humans are great, but it’s the ability to collaborate that makes all of the difference.

Shiffman is also the author of The Economics of Violence: How Behavioral Science Can Transform our View of Crime, Insurgency, and Terrorism (Cambridge University Press, March 2020), and a professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He drew upon his experience in homeland security and the study of human behavior to develop two risk detection technology companies, Consilient and Giant Oak. Consilient’s Dozer™ technology enables the training and sharing of machine learning models. Giant Oak’s GOST® technology performs large-scale screening and vetting for discovering unknown risks. Shiffman argued that both technologies enable revolutionary collaboration in detecting illicit behavior while preserving privacy. 

“Collaboration is important, but the ability to collaborate is impinged upon by the difficulties of sharing data,” Shiffman argued. “Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable us to do a better job of promoting safety and security while also enhancing and preserving privacy by keeping data at rest and sharing algorithms.” 

Future of AI conferences are organized by People & Computers, the organizer and producer of 150 annual events including Google Cloud Summit, AWS Summit, the annual events of Dell, Microsoft, Red Hat, FinTech Junction, Retail Disrupt, InsurTech Next and others. Other presenters in the Future of AI showcase included leading AI startups and experts Ella Rosenberg, co-founder of Armada, Kamila Hankiewicz, managing director of Untrite, and Dron Hazra, activator of The Knowledge Society. The conference as a whole emphasized the pivotal role AI and data have played in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and demonstrated how many industries need data and AI to keep up with the transforming digital economy.

“What I’ve concluded is that collaboration makes us better. When we work together, we get more done than when we work just on our own,” concluded Shiffman. “Artificial intelligence is here. It’s exciting, and it’s changing the world. It enables collaboration, and that’s a very powerful capability that we’re going to start appreciating in 2021.” 

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At Giant Oak, we build trusted tools at the frontiers of behavioral science and artificial intelligence that enable you to make both rapid and informed decisions in an increasingly dynamic security environment. Giant Oak Search Technology (GOST®) makes screening easy. GOST® is an open-source search and triage tool that builds a custom internet domain and organizes information to detect suspicious behavior. GOST® re-indexes the open and deep webs to return publicly available electronic information (PAEI) in prioritized results relevant to the user’s requirements. By deploying machine-learning algorithms to refine search results and generate analytic scores, entities are sorted by relevance and threat level. For more information, visit

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Founded in 2020 through a partnership between K2 Integrity and Giant Oak, Consilient brings together next-generation technology and best-in-class anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) knowledge. Consilient is proud to be collaborating with Intel to bring this model to the market. This combination powers a more secure, dynamic and effective solution for financial institutions.

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March 16, 2021 | Press release

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